How to konw the number of cell fission



Hi, everyone,

I download a short movie about cell fission from Internet. My assay is relative to it.

Through this movie, I wonder the number of cell divisions and which cell owns the oldest pole.

Errors ocurr when I upload this movie. It says I can’t upload the .wmv file.

The relevant material is from … io.0030045.



If you are trying to load this into CellProfiler with LoadImages, the problem is it is not a supported filetype. LoadImages is expecting image stacks or uncompressed avi’s. To use this movie, you’ll have to first convert it to an avi and since it is a Windows filetype, you’ll need Windows software to do so (legally).



Or do you mean that you are simply trying to upload the movie to the Forum? Some file formats are not allowed. Is this the correct movie

You could use IdentifyPrimAutomatic to identify the individual bacteria and/or poles, and the TrackObjects module to track them. Although I didn’t see any labeling of the poles in this movie, and I cannot tell by eye which are the parents and which are the progeny.



Yes, that is the movie that I want to upload to the Forum.
In start of this movie, there is only one cell, then it begins to divide two cells.
In this paper, it mentions that the process can be presented a single, bifurcating tree.
Through this movie, we can’t tell which is the oldest cell. But can we konw the number of cell fission?
If using CellProfiler, need I convert movie(.wmv) to frame image?


Yes, you will need to convert the movie to a format that CellProfiler can recognize. See the help for LoadImages module for some hints about software to use for that conversion.