How to keep records of previously selected shapes

Hello. My goal is go measure area of objects (fluorescent cells). Usually I use freehand tool for it, by drawing lines around perimeter of cells, connecting by right click, and measuring area by hitting Cntr+M. However, when I am done with one cell, and repeating same process on another cell in the same image - the yellow line (freehand selection) disappears from previously labeled cell. But I want to keep all labeled cells for record. How can I do it?


I’m assuming you don’t want to just draw (Cntr+D) your ROIs directly onto the image and save a copy as a record, although that is an option.

I would store the ROIs in the ROI manager (Analyze --> Tools --> ROI manager) by hitting t after you measure your cell. You can use the “Show All” checkbox at the bottom of the list to show all the ROIs on the image at once, and under the “More” button there is the option to save the ROI list as a record. You can also measure your ROIs with the manager, eliminating the need to hit Cntr+M after each drawing.


Thank you. It helped a lot.

In addition to the ROI Manager, the Overlay is another option. There’s an explanation at