How to integrate ImageJ in frontend Web Application

Hi All,

I am developing a web application. Which will create POSTER or Prints. This webapp will fit image in a DIV and on that Image we can do these operations.
Resizing, crop, scale, drag and drop, Filters and Undo redo functionality.

I have used Fabric.js on front end side to implement all these functionalities but these changes needs to be put on Actual Image which is of larger size. One solution is i can keep actual image on front end(web browser) but this will slow down performance of system. So we are planning to move this code on back end(java side.).

But before finalizing this, i want to understand wheather this is possible on backend using ImageJ.
What data will be required by ImageJ
Can we do all these operation(Resizing, crop, scale, drag and drop, Filters) in ImageJ ?

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Dear @harsh.mishra,

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In general, yes.

Although I don’t understand, why you’d have to support drag&drop in the backend? If the user drops the image of the original size, you will have to hand that one off the backend, right?

Additionally, which kind of filters are you talking about?