How to increase size of crosses/markers in grid?

I’m doing a stereology study on renal biopsies and am using the grid plugin with crosses. The crosses appear really small on my screen and this is also the case for my annotations with the cell counter plugin.

How can I increase the size of the crosses?

I would be really grateful if anyone can help. My eyes hurt :wink:

Unfortunately, both of the plugins you mention have their marker size hard-coded in their source code (in and in, respectively), so there’s no way to change it via the user interface.

If you use ImageJ’s own multi-point tool, you can adjust the marker size by double-clicking on the tool:

The options dialog also allows you to define up to 100 different counter types, thereby offering a functionality similar to the Cell Counter plugin.

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There is an updated version of the Grid plugin at
that displays larger crosses, especially on larger images, and also adds a “Bold” checkbox to the dialog.

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Could you elaborate on that? How do you define the counter types and select between them?

I really want to recommend people a workflow that avoids the old Cell Counter plugin, because that plugin is very buggy and limited, and time consuming to maintain or improve.

Never mind, I was using 1.50a and the feature wasn’t available with that version. I see it now with the latest daily build. For those who stumble across this thread: double-click the point tool to bring up the options dialog for it.

Well, the options differ for the Point Tool and the Multi-point Tool, so your first have to switch to Multi-point Tool by right-clicking the toolbar button, and then double-click the tool to bring up the options dialog.

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