How to improve timelapse microscopy video resolution?

230221_live zygotes_H2B_1uM siRT.lif_P1_zygote11_good exampleSnapshot1.tif (824.2 KB)
I have timelapse microscopy video taken with a 20x objective. After cropping single cells out of a 512x512 field of view, the resolution of video is poor. Wondering what’s the best way to improve? Shown is a snapshot pic of my video. Thanks!

Hi @Yunan_Rainie_Ye, so is the cropped image the same resolution as the original full sized image or are you saying that it appears worse after cropping?

No the cropped one just looks bad after enlarge. Basically wanting to improve the resolution with some sort of processing, which can be done either before or after cropping :slight_smile: