How to import ROIs (created different softwares) to FIJI?

I am trying to create annotation data using iPad (or some painting softwares) and save them as image files or PDF files. Then I would like to convert those files to ROI data which can import to FIJI.

Does anyone know how to do?
(I found a method that importing ROIs created by Metamorph to ImageJ or some methods that can read ImageJ ROI files to Matlab or different software.)

Thank you so much.

Good day,

You can import your ROIs as binary files and generate ImageJ-ROIs from them.



Thank you so much for you response.

It seems that ROIs can be generated using analyze particles.
Do you think that’s the best way? I feel it’s a little bit strange to use that function and am wondering if there are different ways.

I feel it’s a little bit strange

Strange or not, if it does what you want …

It would be very helpful if you post an image of typical ROIs.
Is there a single ROI per image or does an image contain more than one?
Do they overlap?

Please be precise!


Thank you so much.

ROIs are multiple type and Analyze particles works well.

The way you told me perfectly worked!
I appreciate your comment.