How to import measurements in ImageJ

Hello again!

I need some help regarding imagej and measuring particles. I have 2D measurements of grains that i saved as a csv file, and i need to import in on the image in order to do some changes. My problem is that I can’t load it ON the image, when I try to import the file I just get a table with my measurements. How can I display these measurements on my image?? Thank you in advance!!!


I read this recently. I don’t know if that can answer your question?

I wish it would, but by following the path I can’t find the choice “Table” in my Plugin dropdown menu. Maybe it changed with the last update??? Any other way to find tis? I mean I think that it is exactly what I need.


Another interesting discussion:

As far as I know it is in the latest MorpholibJ but that it is not yet in ImageJ.
cc @dlegland


The plugin is in the latest version of MorphoLibJ, but this is not the version currently installed by the updater. Updating this is on the todo-list.

Otehrwise, the plugin is provided as stand-alone jar. You have to download it manually, copy the jar file into the “plugins” direcory, refresh ImageJ Menus (or restart ImageJ), and it should appear…