How to import big number of images?


I want to import 900 pictures to one stack: Import -> Raw, 32-bit real, 1024x768 pixels, but I have them separately in folder, so I need to use the Open all files in the folder and that doesn’t support virtual stacks. I just need to open all pictures and save them as jpg for other processing. And it doesn’t open more than 120 pictures in one stack (because of the memory)…

Thanks for any advice.

Hi @povolann

You should probably check here to learn how to perform your task on a whole directory:

I think the multiple image processor is the way to go for you.


Upgrade to the latest ImageJ daily build (1.52f9) and you will be able to import a folder of raw images as a virtual stack.

Here is a JavaScript example that shows how to use the new Raw.openAllVirtual() method to open a folder of raw images as a virtual stack:

  fi = new FileInfo();
  fi.fileType = FileInfo.GRAY32_FLOAT;
  fi.width = 1024;
  fi.height = 768;
  dir = IJ.getDir("home")+"stack/";
  img = Raw.openAllVirtual(dir, fi);
  if (img!=null);

View the daily build source code changes at

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