How to import an image as geometry for flow simulation studies (CFD or LBM simulation)?

I would like to import my porous material image in CFD software such as fluent for flow simulation studies. Can anybody please provide me an idea, how to do that ? Because these softwares accept geometries only such as autocad or something not an image file. My sample image is attached here for reference.

Inkscape can export autocad files and import *.svg files.

So a possible workflow would be:

  1. Create ROI’s from your segmented images (e.g. with the particle analysis)
  2. Export the ROI set to a *.svg file.
  3. Import the *.svg and then export the file as *.dxf in Inkscape

I found this unfinished example to do this with a macro:

And this plugin seems to be capable to export ROI’s to *.svg:

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@Bio7 thank you very much your answer. I have done the steps as you explained above, but how to import .dxf file in fluent ? workbench doesn’t seem to import .dxf file

I don’t know the software. You have to find out which formats the software supports and then convert
you data accordingly (e.g., with Blender or the 3D Object converter).

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