How to import a 12bit image as 16bit in Fiji? import>raw garbles image


I am having some trouble with importing my images. I have 12-bit TIFs Fiji has decided to interpret as RGB. I’m have been trying to import>raw them and have really looked through the troubleshooting help everywhere I can think of but I haven’t found a solution. Importing raw 640x600 gives surreal results, striates and triplicates the image…

Would anyone here know what’s going on?

Thank you very much!

Beginner user.
hl-d0.0xAutoMPProc5.tiff (1.1 MB)

are you sure that this is a 12-bit image (that would be 12 bits used in a 16-bit image). The tiff tags of the file show 3 8-bit channels. Also the file size corresponds rather to 3 bytes times 640 times 600 = 1152000 bytes than 1 channel with 16 bytes (768000 bytes).

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