How to import 3D Microview ROI saved as xml file into Fiji

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I am looking for a way to read .xml files containing ROI coordinates (contours) for multiple z slices in Fiji, which were exported from the program Microview Parallax systems. The goal would be to create an ROI on the 3D image (tif file) using the xml file and then blanking regions outside or inside the ROI using a macro.

Below is an example of one spline contour on one z slice from the image and a link to sample data. The units are in mm, and the 3 values in each row represent x,y, z values. Since the contour is a closed shape, the first and the last row have the same values.

( 0.1716, 0.1785, 0.00000033)

( 0.1745, 0.1825, 0.00000033)

( 0.1790, 0.1780, 0.00000033)

( 0.1716, 0.1785, 0.00000033)

** **

Here is a link to a sample image with a corresponding xml file.

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