How to have more LUT in the Volume Viewer (2.01)?

I would like to have more LUT selections. However, the current Volume Viewer 2.01 plugin just provided only 5. In the Image/Color menu, there are many many more LUTs. So, how can I add them to the Volume Viewer?


I believe @barthel is the best person to assist you in this…

Just apply the LUT of your choice to your stack before opening Volume Viewer

Thanks. What you said works for PlugIns/3D Viewer. However, it also works for Volume Viewer, but not shown in the pull down menu at upper right corner.

May I ask another question I posted in the forum the other day?

How can I make a video in Fiji/PlugIns/Volume_Viewer?

The Fiji/PlugIns/Volume_Viewer is very nice. However, I would like to be able to make a video along a given axis, either an output image sequence or directly a video (better). As now, the Volume_Viewer can do a Snapshot. What I would like to have is a series of Snapshots along an axis I want, ie., say from the front(first) to the back(last). This is similar to the “FlyThru” function of other rendering softwares. In Drishti, this can be done by setting the clip plane from front and then to back, and set the keyframes, then, save the image sequence.
Any help will be appreciated.
Oh, by the way, when the Volume_Viewer window is up, only one Fiji menu available.

Have a look at
There you will find a macro to record a stack which might be saved as a video