How to handle flex files


I tried loading flex files but I got stuck. In CP1, flex files were loaded as multiple images and then grouped in a GroupMovieFrames module. This later module does not exist anymore and I tried specifying different channels with the LoadImages module, but this did not work. Can you help me out? Thank you.


What microscope do you use? You’re right, 2.0 lacks Group Movie Frames, and in some .flex file types it does not recognize the multiple channels stored in the image. I’ve had this problem with Opera-produced images, so it should be added to the list of known bugs. However, I think images from Cellomics work fine.

If you could attach a sample flex file that would be helpful.


Apologies, I misspoke. The cellomics files we handle are a different format, not flex.


I am dealing with Opera flex, we use it intensively. Pity, I was hoping it was me being stupid. I’ll wait for a fix then and continue with CP1.

Our latest version, r10415, has incorporated the functionality of GroupMovieFrames into LoadImages. Select flex as the file type, and check the box for “Group the movie frames?” to see further options.