How to group calculations from multiple imaging sites of same well

Is there a way to combine the results from multiple imaging fields (Sites in CP metadata parlance) of the same well? I have 4 fields per well and would like the exported CSV file to have the calculated values from the 4 images as one output line. All my metadata is properly set in the Metadata and NamesAndTypes modules. And in Groups, I group by “Well” (which shows me I have Count=4 images for all my loaded wells).

Nevertheless, my exported spreadsheet still gives me a separate results line for each image, whereas it saves a lot of followup manual collation if it would treat the 4 sites as a single unit when calculating the results.

For example, if I’m counting nuclei, and the 4 fields have [10,11,8,20] nuclei respectively, the output would have a single line with just ‘49’.

Hello there,

It’s currently not customizable to combine the results of (n) x number of images as you asked, however there are options in module ExportToDatabase to get “mean/median measurement per Well”, which may hopefully give you similar results.

we made a module to do exactly what you want. Now we get mean median and STDEV of all measurements in each well in the exporttopreassheet CSV file. Let me know if you still need it.


@balistre: I would love to test that module. Thanks