How to get the LoG image with Trackmate

Hi All,
I am writing a python script and I am using trackmate to follow cell nuclei during wound healing but I would like to get the LoG stack image from the LogDetector class
Do you know how to show the stack of LoG images.

thank you by advance

Dear All,

sorry to ask again but i still need to know how to get the LoG (or DoG) filtered image that Trackmate is using temporary.
thank you by adavnce

Hi @philgi

I just checked and there is no way to do that in TrackMate.
The LoGDetector class does not expose the intermediate image during calculation:

The solution would be to reimplement in the script what the class does, squeezing away all the data massaging part.

But it would be boring.
I would favor what you propose in another post of yours, where you compute directly the LoG image using ops.