How to get scan arc info (and other dicom info) in imagej plugin

I face the problem of reading the file info of a SPECT image to get the scan arc info. When i press Ctrl+I i can get in the line 0018,1143 >Scan Arc: 360 .

How can I get this (or any other dicom info) in a java plugin??


Does the bioformats library gives you the required information?. See:

Not so helpfull, can you refer to a basic example where you get the dicom info in a plugin

Here are some additional links:

This paper might be a help,too:

I would also ask in the OME forum:

I ended writing my own dicom parser, see

You can get the value of a DICOM tag using the ImagePlus.getStringProperty() method. Here is a JavaScript example:

tag = "0018,1143";
img = IJ.openImage("");
value = img.getStringProperty(tag);
IJ.log(tag+": "+value);

I tried that but using IJ.log(value); it returned: >Scan Arc: 360

So I have to modify the getStringProperty code to extract the real Scan Arc value. My code returns 360, and thats what I expected