How to get profile data from image?



In the photo given below many stones have been arranged on top of each other. I want to measure the profile generated by the stones at the top. I want to measure the height difference between all the stones as shown in the figure. For example height with respect to base for point 1 is 21 centimeter, point 2 is 18 centimeter… If needed I can place a physical scale in the photo or draw a line of known length. Can it be done using image j ?. Accuracy of the profile height is not an issue.


Good day Subham Jain,

you may have a look at a related request:

Besides, it would be helpful if the background (presently a raw steel blade) could be less structured and the baseline (presently a raw steel bar) as well.

Furthermore, make sure that the object is fronto-parallel to the image plane of the camera (use a carefully aligned tripod). Otherwise, you will have to cope with perspective distortions, i.e. your measurements need to be corrected accordingly.

A scale reference is necessary if you like to see the results (height) given in millimeters not in pixels.

Finally, don’t use JPG-compressed images.