How to get intermediate results from an imagej code




I am trying to analyze line edge roughness from stripes images I got from SEM. Well at first I tried to calculate each edge point to point, for 1um strip it took like 20minutes and for one single image about 1hr. So I looked up online to find a solution and I found this wonderful code online here it explains steps by step and it works fine.
But what it gives me is just finalized (I assume averaged) results, only four parameters. I would like to have a list of all averaged data and calculated values (i.e. intermediate steps) in a spread sheet or a log file or .csv file so i import them in excel and do detailed analysis and calculate other parameters. I’m not expert in coding and I’m new to image j. Can you please help?

Here is the code



Welcome to the Forum! So… what additional measurements do you need? If you make measurements intermediately they should be printed to the Results table - as opposed to the log window, which is used for the Analyze Stripes output. You can save the results table with this call:

saveAs("Results", path);

Just take a look at the built-in macro functions to help you adapt your code as you need.

If you have more questions - feel free to post here again!

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I added a version to the website that should do what you need.