How to get class_table in CPA if I use SQLite?

Hello everyone!

I’m using CPAnalyst 2.2.1, my database is SQLite. I made a training set with RandomForest and I would like to make CPA to classify the rest of the objects using rules which it found.
I found, that it is possible to write in properties file one string to get the class table. I wrote this:
class_table = table_of_classes.

Then I did this (as I found in one topic on the forum):
(2) Classify, and then click Score All
(3) Wait for the Score All hit table to appear
(4) In the table’s File menu, click Save Table to Database (or CSV)
Then your class_table should appear in your database or CSV.

When I do Score All I get “Hit table” with enrichments and other information which is not interesting for me…(the same as without that string “class_table…” in properties file.

What I did wrong?
Or does this fail connect with that I use SQLite?

I would really like to get a table like this:
ImageNumber / ObjectNumber / Class
and so on…
Because I need this info to make some analyses in microsoft exel.

Now I see only this solution:
I load my training set, do Train, I get satisfyed with the result of it. And then I ask CPA to Score Image, I see CPA’s desicion about classes for each object, and I manually do sorting the rest of the objects into classes. In the end I will Save my training set with 600 manually sorted objects. I will be able to open this MyTrainingSet table in exel and I will see classes for each object. Buuuuuuut…You understand, it will take a lot of time.

I think I miss something obvious…

Thank to everyone in advance!

And I thank for this amazing software.