How to get all the projects and datasets of an Omero user


I would like to know if it’s possible to get the list of all the projects and datasets that contains images that I own (or any specific user of the database), even if i’m not the project’s owner.
I tried using the advanced search tab with ** in the search box : if a project was created by someone else in the same group; and then in that project I create my dataset with some images, it will not come up in the search for all my projects and datasets.
And I also would like to know if there is any way to get a list of all the figures (regardless of the group) that have been created by a user?

I hope my questions are explained properly

Thanks in advance for the help!

Have a nice day

Sophie Abélanet


Hi Sophie,

Your Dataset should be found just fine, even if it’s in a Project owned by another user. I just tried this in a Read-write group and it worked OK.
Do you find the same Dataset if you move it to a Project you own, or if it’s not in any Project? What are the group permissions?

Listing all the Projects and Datasets that contain Images you own can’t be done in the client UI, but it would be possible to write a query for this using the OMERO API. Let us know if you want help with this in Java or Python?

The OMERO.figure UI lists all your figures (regardless of group) when you do File > Open and you can also filter by user. I also have a PR to add filtering this list by Group (Show group info by will-moore · Pull Request #416 · ome/omero-figure · GitHub).


@Sophie_Abelanet : Additionally to what @will-moore said, I think that if I understand right your search term, which is ** (two stars next to each other), in my testing, unfortunately, nothing will ever be returned with such a wildcard, whatever are the other settings. This means, it is the double-star which is causing the search results to be empty. The search term must contain something, even one star will not sort the problem.