How to fix “Javadoc not found” message for ImageJ functions in Netbeans

I am using ImageJ functions on Netbeans and I added the ImageJ libraries/jar files to my project. When I attempt to import these functions I get this message “Javadoc not found. Either Javadoc documentation for this item does not exist or you have not added specified Javadoc in the Java Platform Manager or the Library Manager.” This message only happens for ImageJ functions, not basic Java functions. I believe that this is connected to the list of errors I get when I run code with ImageJ functions in it.

I read here Netbeans says javadocs not found that this issue could be fixed by adding a url to the Javadoc window. I attempted to follow the instructions by adding several URLs of FIJI Javadocs that I found on google, but the error has not gone away. Here are the URLs that I already tried adding:

package learn;
newImage(“New Image”,“16-bit ramp”, 800, 900, 1);