How to fix DiameterJ bin size?

Is there a way to fix the bin size so I can get better resolution between 0 - 20 um? All my histograms are bounded by 0 - 255 um and sometimes and I commonly don’t the same number of bins between 0 - 5 um.

Hello wnwhite and thanks for using DiameterJ. I’m not 100% sure I understand your question. By default DiameterJ bins by pixel not by micron. I believe that is what you are seeing because you mention 0-255 um which is just the range for an 8-bit image… not the scale for most images… unless your scale is 1 pixel equals 1 micron… which is unusual but not impossible. Assuming you’ve mistaken microns for pixels you should enter in the scale data to convert pixels to microns from your image. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have an accurate measurement for your fibers. In terms of the dynamic range, you say they are only 0-5 microns. If you are getting too few “bins” that have significant counts within the histogram and those bins are at the low side of the histogram, it means your fibers are a very low resolution in your image. Another way to think about this is that their diameter in the image is only a few pixels wide for each fiber. If this is the case, and you’d like a more accurate measure of their diameter, you should take a higher magnification image and analyze that.

With that being said, I also would guess you have not taken the DiamterJ training course we developed to help users better use DiameterJ. Below is the link to the training course. Please let me know if you have any other questions.