How to find image type using FIJI?

Assume you have an image and dont know the bit depth/ whether it’s greyscale/ black and white and so on. Max and min of intensity, possible max and min of intensity, Where you can find the type and information of that image?

the bit depth you can see in the header of the image. For example here in this 8-bit image:

You can also see the bit depth with a tick mark: Image > Type > …

The Min/Max values you can best see by getting the image histogram:
Analyze > Histogram or Ctrl + H

Screenshot from 2020-03-04 23-13-15

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@schmiedc I already use these methods. Just wanted to check more detailed section is available.

run(“Show Info…”);


You can use this function in a macro:
Returns the bit depth of the active image: 8, 16, 24 (RGB) or 32 (float).

Or in Java you can use the ImagePlus method getBitDepth().