How to filter using one object and measure another object in CellProfiler - e.g. filter GFP+ by cytoplasm intensity, measure nuclear area of GFP+ cells

I would like to filter based on the cytoplasmic intensity, then measure various things about the cells and nuclei associated with the filtered cytoplasms.

For example, if I have a cytoplasmic GFP marker, I want to know the cell area and DAPI intensity of the GFP+ cells. Or I might want to filter cells by area and then measure the nuclear intensity of the largest cells.

I can filter by the cytoplasm intensity, but then how do I recover the information about the associated nuclei and cell shape?

I tried to use RelateObjects but this didn’t seem to work - it told me how many nuclei I had but not their intensities.

Am I missing something obvious?


Hi @JuliaSero, have you tried using the “Relabel additional objects to match the filtered object” in the FilterObjects module? That will allow you to create a filtered set of nuclei based on your filtering criteria for the cytoplasm. You can then make measurements on these new filtered object sets. Hope that helps.