How to file ImageJ / Fiji bugs?

There is a wiki page on how to report bugs found in ImageJ, but it is nearly totally incorrect. The “Help -> Report a Bug” menu in ImageJ now shows a dialog which reads:

This functionality is currently undergoing a redesign.
If you need immediate assistance please see the ImageJ help resources at:

The wiki page also has a link to Fiji’s BugZilla instance. If you click that link, you are redirected to Fiji’s Github issues page.

If nothing else, the text on the wiki page needs to be updated.

More importantly, there seem to be many possible places to post bugs, and there is no clear way to choose which place. Here is a list of places I found that looked like appropriate places for posting bugs:

  • the issues ( section of the forum (right here!)
  • Fiji’s Github issues page
  • the ImageJ Github issues page
  • the ImageJ1 Github issues page
  • the ImageJ mailing list
  • the ImageJ Trac (which looks like it should have some sort of “abandoned, go to this new link!” posted on the front page)
  • the ImageJ Google Group!forum/imagej (also looks very abandoned)
  • the subreddit (do the developers ever look here?)

Given all of these possible resources, how can an ImageJ user or plugin developer determine where is the most appropriate place to post their bug?

As an example, I recently had an error in a seemingly-correct script I wrote. I suspect that the bug is in, which is in the ImageJA Github. This repository does not allow for filing issues, so I posted my issue to the ImageJ1 Github.

I feel weird about doing that because the ImageJ1 repository does not have in it. If I am correct and needs to be modified in order to address my issue, the pull request will go to a different repository than the one my issue is in, and will (possibly?) need to be approved by a different repository owner.

Did I choose correctly? Or is there a different place I should have filed my issue?

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No, this is correct and you can find the ROI Manager here:

The difference to the ImageJ github repo is stated on the ImageJA repo. It is:

ImageJ 1.x, with a clean Git history and Maven build system

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While I agree that this page could benefit from some overhaul, it does show a big orange notification stating:

But it’s a wiki page, and ImageJ is a community project, so you can help making it better by updating the information yourself! :slight_smile:

If you’re unsure, posting here on the forum (in the Issues category, as you already did) is definitely the best idea. Most developers are very active here on the forum and will likely see it, and other community members can help categorizing the issue and mentioning relevant developers.