How to extracting non-image from .lif file?

Hi all,
Opening images hidden in .lif files using bio-formats importer works well. Unfortunately, there are also event lists (ascii?) in my .lif file that are not considered images. Can I extract these files too?If so, please hint me on how.

Hi @eljonco, Bio-Formats should be able to parse the metadata to determined if an image is being referenced from an event list. If you open the image with the Importer and then select Image > Show Info, do you see metadata relevant to the events list there?

No, unfortunately not. It is not an image. From the LASX software I can export these event lists and they are mainly a bunch of lines with coordinates. BUT I have to do that manually for every .lif file I have.

Hi @eljonco

Have you got a file (as small as possible) that has this metadata? Like perhaps a lif with just one series and its associated data… Could you share it here or using a filesharing service?

I would be curious to try this.



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