How to export and use the results from BoneJ2 Analysis Skeleton


i was used to use the BoneJ plugin to analyse skeleton from neurites and mesure their length. I was previously able to rename the “Branch Information” as a result window using the

IJ.renameResults("Branch information","Results");
command, and then use a loop to incremente a counter that summed the length of each branch, to finally have the total length as an output.
But since i made the update of the plugin to the BoneJ2 plugin version, i cannot convert the “Branch Information” window as a result window, and thus I am not able anymore to calculate the total length.
As i am trying to use the IJ.renameResults command or even try to call the “Branch Information” window, IJ tells me there is no “Branch Information” window found.

does anyone now why and how to deal with it?

thank you

Is the Branch information window opened at all?
Did you check that there are no typos when you call the name or the name changed slightly?
Even a lower case to upper case change can mess this up like: “Branch information” or “Branch Information”.

Hi, and thank you for your advices.

Yes the window is really opened, and i already checked the typo and even try to add some space at the end of the text, just in case.
what is strange is that neither the “brach information” nor the associated “boneJ Results” windows are visible in the “window” menu from Fiji itself, while they are both displayed on my screen. The only thing i can do is to copy/paste results in Excel. I even cannot save as Results in Fiji.
I have to precise that i also tried to download the lastest version of fiji to check whether or not it could make a difference and… no, actually no.