How to enable Cross-validation in developers version?

I just got the developer’s version of CPA2 installed on my windows 7 64bit machine. However, I do not see the cross validation option. I found the following statement in the developers.txt file about a PYTHONPATH code dependency. Could a CPA developer please elucidate the steps needed to get this cross validation feature working?

Some minor functionality of CPAnalyst depends on having an
installation of CellProfiler 2.0’s source code available and on the
PYTHONPATH. However, the only functionality that will be missing
without this are cross-validation plots for Classifier and checking
for new releases at startup. The CellProfiler 2.0 code is available
at: … llProfiler



Hi Derek,

In brief, PYTHONPATH is an environment variable; you can here for more details on the variable and how to add it. In addition, if you add the folder that Python is located in to PYTHONPATH, you can run Python from the command prompt.

To enable cross-validation, you would need to add the folder that the CellProfiler source code is located in to PYTHONPATH. So if you don’t have CP from source, you will need to check that out from svn as well.


Hi Mark,

I just got it working. Thanks for the quick reply.


Just to clarify, could you confirm two things:

  • You don’t see a button called “Check progress” in the classifier UI

  • In the CPA main UI, do you see a message that says “Could not import cpfigure, will not display Margin vs. Iteration plot.”


Oops, just noticed you changed your post. :smiley: