How to draw 3D movie with trajectories of each particles

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I play with TrackMate for 3D tracking, it works really well, but I want generate a 3D movie with trajectories of each particles, just like the example show on website for TrackMate (The first 2 hours of a C.elegans embryo development), and also different trajectories have different color? Was this sample generated with TrackMate?

Any information would be very helpful.

Thank you so much.

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Hi @Xiaolei_Wang

The movie you refer to was generated using the 3D viewer view of TrackMate.
You could launch it by selecting the action named Link with new 3D viewer in the last panel of the GUI.

Unfortunately, despite the great efforts of courageous individuals, the 3D viewer does not work anymore, and is not maintained anymore:
Your experience may vary but it is likely (depending on your platform and so on) that you will end up with an error if you try to launch the 3D viewer now.

The current plan is to reimplement this functionality using the forthcoming SciView ( visualisation tool. But this will not happen immediately.


Hi @tinevez

Thank you for information. I tried Link with new 3D viewer, and get the figures which show as the upload image. But it’s not video (time series), it’s just 3D volumetric image. Guess I just wait for SciView. :slight_smile:

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