How to download video Slice Remover plugin

How do I download this properly? I tried downloading it and then moving it into the plugins file; that didnt work. Also tried saving it to the plugins folder and neither worked. Got a “duplicate” error message when I would open ImageJ and then the plugin didnt work when I tried to slice a video.

Hi Anna,Are you talking about the Slice Keeper/remover tool in Fiji? Or is this a different plugin altogether?

@Praveen Yes, slice remover in Fiji

Did you try using the Slice keeper tool under Image>>Stack>>Tools rather than downloading the plugin for it?

I tried that but I get an error message when I use that Slice remover and then when I tried Slice Keeper Fiji stops working and has to be closed. What’s the difference exactly? And would the plugin work? I’m trying to shorten a 60,000 frame 7 min video to about 30 sec. So I can either take out a lot of frames or use a video editing program to speed it up. Suggestions here?

Here is judst an example,
If you give an increment of 2 in Slice Keeper it keeps the 2nd,4th,6th,8th etc… and gives you a stack of 2th,4th,5th,8th…frames
If you give an increment of 2 in Slice remover it removes the 2nd,4th,6th,8th etc… and gives you a stack of the 1st,3th,5th,7th …frames

These plugins should work in theory for your file. Your computer hangs probably because Fiji is trying to process such a huge video. Do you think you can upload this file on google drive or similar? I can have a look.

Have you also tried playing around with the FPS (frames per second) option in Fiji? Simply right click the play button in your image file to change this.


Hi Anna,
I just tried the Slice Keeper tool on your image (With an increment of 100 slides) and it seems to be working fine. I got an images of 570 slides now playing at 100 FPS (which is approx 30 seconds of movie time, like you had asked for). Do you want me to upload this movie?
For some reason the Slide Remover tool does not work well on your images, not sure why yet.



Thank you very much !


Here is a movie that plays at 50fps. It is a stack of 570 frames.