How to download plugins?

How does one properly download a plugin?

Not a computer savvy person who needs to figure out how to do this ASAP

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for a newbie to ImageJ the easiest way might be to install Fiji and then follow the following instructions: How to follow a 3rd party update site. This will install the plugins directly in the correct folder.

If the specific plugin you are interested in is not available via an update site (most likely true for older plugins) the you can simply download the plugin (e.g. from the original ImageJ plugins site). In most cases those are files with the ending .JAR or .CLASS. Those files you save in the ImageJ/Fiji plugins folder and restart Fiji/ImageJ.

Thereafter, the plugin should appear under the plugins menu or in any specfic menu is indicated so in the description of the plugin.
If you are on MacOSX you can find those folders by right-clicking the ImageJ/Fiji icon in the applications and choose “Show package content” from the dropdown menu.

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Not sure if one has to ‘pay’ to download plugins. Fiji and all its plugins are free to download