How to download plugins on ImageJ

I am attempting to unzip the wrMTrck zip file into the plugins tab on ImageJ, yet I keep getting error (here is the website I got it from: Is there a specific way you are meant to download the files onto the program?


Could you please be more specific with the errors you get, however try to put the java files in the plugin folder then launch ImageJ and go to Plugins > Compile and Run.

It should not be necessary to use Compile and Run.

I quickly tested by putting the .class files (wrMTrck_.class and wrMTrck_$particle.class from the downloaded zip file) into a subfolder of my plugins directory (e.g. ./ and restarting Fiji. The wrMTrck command appears in the respective submenu of the Plugins menu and can be discovered using the command finder.

To make it easier for users, we might suggest to the plugin developer to create an update site.

EDIT: I invited Jesper Søndergaard Pedersen to this discussion using the Invite button. Let’s see if they’re still actively supporting the plugin.


@imagejan how did you put the .class files into a subfolder of your plugins directory?

By opening the plugins folder in Windows Explorer, creating a subfolder, and copying the files there.

Note that on Mac OSX, the plugins folder is inside the package. You’ll have to right-click on and select Show package contents.


It worked! Thanks so much.

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Thanks for the invite guys. I’ll look into the the update thing.
One thing i also noticed is that if you have image j installed in C:\Program Files\ImageJ this folder will in some installations of windows be write protected, so that one cannot put plugins into the folder. If this is the case I recommend installing imageJ to a different folder where user has access to read/write of the files in the plugins and macro folders.

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