How to do multiple channel selection on TIFF image

I have a TIFF image with 4 channels. Each channel corresponding to
some cell type. How can I do multiple selection of these channels?

For example I’d just to select channel 1 and 3 or 2 and 4.

Hi @Peverall_Dubois,


Hopefully the following adresses your question. One good way to switch between active channels or display different combinations of channel “merges” or visual “overlays” is the channels tool

To see all selected channels make sure that you are in composite mode (drop down menu). If this is set to color or grayscale you will always only see one selected (active) channel


Hi @biovoxxel thanks. But it only show 3 channel switch, whereas I have 4 channels.
How can I go about it?

Open your TIFF and start the function and you will see that it shows 4 checkboxes, one for each channel.
This works for up to 7 channels to my knowledge.

@biovoxxel I cannot see channel 4 switch.
Is it because of the version? In you image example also up to 3 only right?


make sure that you stack is really displaying channels not other dimensions.

If the channels are not recognized as channels you can reorder the stack with
Image►Hyperstacks►Re-order Hyperstack…

If you have more than 7 channels it does not allow you the composite choice. So thie limit is 7 channels

@biovoxxel My image only 4 channels. But after Re-order Hyperstack my channel is recognized as slice. Notice current number of channels is 1 but slice is 4. What should I do?

Just select “Slices” where it says “Channels” and “Channes” where it says “Slices” and potentially also have a read in the IJ user guide (while the re-ordering hyperstack function in particular is not described there)