How to do a multi rgb profile of differents ROI of the same image

Hi, I’m new to imagej.
I have a problem: I have an image with different fluorescence, one in blue and one in red. With the RGB profile I can get a plot of these different colors in a ROI (that stands for one nucleus of my cells) but I want to join different RGB profiles with the two colors of multiple ROI at the same time in just one plot.
Using the ROI manager > more > multi plot, I can get the plots that I want but just one color at time, if I could join them two in the same (with each color separately identified, just as in a RGB profile) it would be grateful as well.
Sorry about the bad english

One suggestion could be to extract each multiplot values and plot them combined in ImageJ or LibreOffice, R, etc.

To extract the multiplot values, see this older thread macro:

The interesting part:

roiManager("Multi Plot");

which you could apply for each color and then plot together.