How to display or capture video in ImageJ or Fiji software from microscope camera?

Dear community,

I would like to know if there is any way to display or capture the video from the camera of my Optika Italy microscope in real time. This brand has by default a software with multiple functions to obtain results of area, perimeter, etc. But it is very limited when it comes to exporting these results (it has no function of exporting to spreadsheets or even copying the results …). I have been testing with the Acquisition plugins:

But none of them are compatible with the camera of my microscope (for instance, Webcam Capture display shows “No webcam detected”), so I don’t know if I could create a plugin for ImageJ or Fiji with a Java library that is capable of recognizing the camera integrated in the microscope. I don’t know if this is very difficult to develop or not.

Someone who has developed this type of plugins for camera acquisition could give me some advice?


Luis Gallego
Instituto de Agricultura Sostenible - CSIC

Just a possibility: Have you tried the software driver for Direct show and Twain (Windows only):

In combination with Micro-Manager:

If you are going down the Direct Show and Micro-Manager route, you can try to use the OpenCVgrabber as the camera device to get the image from your camera (or any other image source that supports Direct Show, eg webcams, etc). A dedicated device adapter for your camera would give you more control over the camera, but if there is no suitable camera device adapter this might be your best option.
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