How to display CMD-window from an imageJ macro

currently I am debugging an imageJ macro which calls a DOS BAT file via

  string_out = exec(cmnd);

where the variable cmnd holds the call to the BAT.

Now there is a problem in executing the BAT. It gets stuck. But since I do not see the DOS (cmd) window, I have no clue to what happens. Is there a way to force the cmd-window to be displayed in which the BAT is executed?

I am using imageJ .52n on a Win10 64bit machine.


If you search for exec() here you can see the source code. Perhaps that will help you figure out what is going on. There is a comment about a call from Windows:

// user probably ran 'cmd' without /c option

so you might try your DOS command with the ā€˜/cā€™ option. I really appreciate Wayne making the macro source code available. It has helped me many times.



Thanks for the hint. I will try to make use of it.