How to detect circles and misure size particle ( agglomerate issue )

Hello everyone !
I’d like to share a matteri with you since I am trying to perform a particle size distribution but my study has been influenced from the agglomerated particles .
I have an image sequence of 81 microscope pictures ( 568x568 micron for each one ) and I have tried with the Imagej plugin " Detect circles " and Hough transformation but I have problems since too much memory has required . If I don’t use those Plugin and I use only "Analyze particles " , software recognizes a stack of more particles as a single particle with a bigger area ( resulted area is the sum of each particle area ) .
I am going to share one of the pictures with agglomerate stack particles in order to receive advices on macro or something like that .

This is the link where you can find the type of image I am studying :slight_smile: