How to deliver plugins to users? Update site mechanism



@BishopWolf I’m sorry, but I do not understand your criticism here nor your proposal to fix it. Could you please describe in more detail? Preferably splitting it to a new thread here on the forum, to avoid mixing the discussion with @haesleinhuepf’s issues.


Its very simple, a new thread is not worthy, just add a menu entry that launch the site updater manager without launching the update process itself, then I can launch the updater if i like. Current workflow is way round.


Hi @ctrueden,

I’m afraid I did it exactly as you say. I just tried again, and this is the result: It says, that the jar was locally modified but gives me no chance to update the update site…

The full info on the plugin is:

plugins/VolumeManager_-1.0.1.jar (local: plugins/VolumeManager_-1.0.2.jar)
(Update available)

Warning: This file was locally modified.

Release date:
14 Jul 2016

Description  (from pom.xml) :







Update site:

We see this behaviour here on MacOS as well as on a Windows 7 machine… So there must be something systematic behind…

If I can support you in tracing this bug (?), let me know. I would be very happy if this can be fixed, because also the command line updater has the same (or at least a similar) issue…



@haesleinhuepf is it possible that you have other pending changes, i.e. other files marked for download? In that case, you’ll have to apply these changes first and restart. The updater can only handle one thing at a time, uploading or downloading files.

Cannot upload updated macro to my Fiji update site (option missing)

That’s it! I guess…

So to update my update site, I need to:

  1. Start FIJI
  2. Update FIJI
  3. Close FIJI
  4. Delete former version of plugin in FIJIs plugin folder
  5. Copy over new version of plugin
  6. Start FIJI
  7. Start updater
  8. Go to advanced mode
  9. Mark new plugin to upload to update site
  10. Apply changes

… I definitely need to make the script running @rimadoma mentioned…

But thanks for the support!


How about:

mvn -Ddelete.other.versions

I didn’t find any more where this was documented, maybe we should add it to the FAQs. The functionality is provided by the Maven ImageJ plugin:

Update personal update site from command line

It is mentioned in these places:

I agree that this feature could be made more clear.

At some point, I would also like to add a flag that causes the imagej-maven-plugin not to downgrade dependency versions.


Note that @stelfrich has since implemented this feature; see imagej/imagej-maven-plugin#24.