How to delete object detections keeping the the annotation?

Hi Everyone,

I need to delete all the object detections from my image but keep my area annotations intact. I have tried to run the following script found in Github for “Remove detections outside annotations”. But its not working.

selectObjects{p -> (p.getLevel()==1) && (p.isAnnotation() == false)};

Is there any way to solve this ?

Thanks in advance!

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If you go through the Objects menu there should be a delete all detections option:
Which in the workflow tab comes out to:

The script listed, as the title suggests, only deletes detections that are not currently “inside” of another object, and is probably functioning as intended.

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Thanks a million !! It worked!

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My primary intend was to delete only the objects outside the annotations, but its not working in that way. All the objects are still there. But now I deleted all the objects and running cell detection again, this time only inside my annotations.

Odd, something else is going on then - I was just able to run the script to remove the cells outside of ANY annotation.