How to debug a custom plugin (DQE Panel V7)

Dear Community,

I’m pretty new to ImageJ. I am trying to process my images with a custom plugin (DQE Panel V7). However I’m facing some issues and questions.

  1. First of all, I downloaded the latest source code from github and opened the project using Intellij Idea. The IDE started to install the maven dependencies, however, could not finish the import process for a couple of plugins (exec-maven-plugin, maven-assembly-plugin, maven-dependency-plugin, ), as the provider seems not to be online anymore. Is there a workaround for this?

  2. The plugin I use, generates NAN values as output for my image. Therefore I need to debug the code to find the reason. Could somebody please tell me How should I add the plugin to the source code, so that after compiling and running the code I can see the plugin in the plugins Menu and set breakpoints in the Plugin java class?

Any kind of help that helps me move forward, is highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Hello and welcome @Mehdi_Bagheri,

As a starting point, could you please post a link to the source code on GitHub please? I am sure there are a number of plugins for detective quantum efficiency (DQE)…

Also, is now simply

Hope this helps,


Thanks Cam for your answer,

In the pom.xml file I changed the artifactId to “” but no change. the plugins/dependencies couldn’t be installed. Regarding DQE, Actually I got it from a colleague as a java file attached to an email. I couldn’t also find much information about the main source of the plugin. I was told that this was a bit updated by my colleagues.
if that helps, the java class DQE_panel_v7_ extends PlugInFrame which I assume is a part of ij package.
Do you have any Idea how I could debug the code?

Update: I found a link to a collection of plugins containing DQE Panel V7:

Hi @Mehdi_Bagheri,

Is there any way we can see the files you’re working with - your modified ‘mavenised’ project? Or at least the error produced?

The artifactId should be the name of the JAR or binary itself.
The groupId is often the reverse of the domain name (e.g. org.codehaus.mojo)

In the meantime, please see for more information.