How to deal with the "out of memory"?

I did not stitch sucessflly our pictures to a complete image just because our imgas are too large(about 200Mb every picture).It shows “out of memory”. After I changed Java to 64bites in Windows System, and reset Maximum Memory value to become larger, unfortunately, ImageJ can still not work.
Request a help to do with this problem!
Thanks a lot !

How much RAM memory do you have? You should also check how much memory you are reserving for Fiji/ImageJ.

This problem has been solved only by changing Java 8 to replace the Java 6, namely, becoming 32bit image window to 64bit one.


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can you please elaborate on this?

I’m using FIJI on an ubuntu machine running java version 1.8.0_131. I am trying to stitch some tiles using the Grid/Collection stitching plugin. I have about 13588 tiles each of about 1000x1000 resolution. The total size of all tiles reaches 1.3 GB. I’m using Positions from file option of the plugin using a TileConfiguration.txt file that I have with all the respective approximate coordinates. I tried the ‘slower but less RAM’ option along with ‘use virtual memory for inputs’ and I still get out of memory! My machine has 8 GB of RAM and I’ve also tried assigning ImageJ a dedicated space of 7 GB which still doesn’t work.

Any help towards solving this is very much appreciated.