How to deal with particles with varied size and shapes

Hello! I am a new user of Fiji.

I want to use Fiji to track the velocity and size of the water drops in a spray. The difficulty is the size and shapes of the water drops are varied a lot. I attached two images here.

Sample image and/or code

0002150.tif (2.0 MB) 0002151.tif (2.0 MB)

I have tried Trackmate. I used DoG detector and Linear motion LAP tracker which works better then other options in the Trackmate. However there is a problem stop me. In most of the tracks, I found for most of the cases, the drops close to each other were treated as the same drops and in the same track. For example, drop 1 in frame1 till 2 is tracked with ID 1, then in frame 3, drop 2 is tracked with ID 1. And drop 1 in frame 3 is tracked with another track ID.

Do you have any idea to help me?

Thank you very much.

Best wishes