How to deal with animals that disappear from camera view (maDLC)


thanks for the software! It’s amazing :slight_smile: I’m tracking multiple animals (maDLC) in the same arena but one of them sometimes disappears from the camera view. The tracking is excellent when both animals are present but fails when one of them is missing. Is there a way to overcome this issue? Maybe label n frames where one animal is present and the other is not? Right now, I’ve only labeled frames where both were present. What do you suggest? Thanks in advance!

Hey @filos93, can you be more specific about the tracking failure? Does the visible animal also lose its labels? Or are the keypoints detected twice?

Hey @jeylau

nope. The visible animal keeps its labels (and is labeled consistently). The issue is with the missing animal that is labeled for some parts even if it is not present. Should I also label frames where only one of the animals is present while the other is missing (right now, these are not part of my dataset)? Thanks again!