How to crop an image using a preestablished fixed width rectangle



I have to crop many images with a rectangle of 1 cm wide to standardize my data. My images all are tree trunks of three years and I need the information of one year to standardize, so as to recover the information equally between the different dimensions of trunks. In addition I must be able to have the rectangle manually to get the part of interest.
Thank you very much for your guidance and input.
It is MUCH appreciated.
PS. He width must be 1cm but the length must be defined manually


Post a sample image representative for your data, this really helps us to help you.


Is your challenge similar to what is described in this thread?


From what I understand from the post not exactly, my challenge was trying to create similar photos that were close enough to be the same ratio in terms of width and length after being cropped in the same spot every single time. Sounds like the rectangle has to be adjusted depending on the where the cropping needs to take place. If that is the case I would recommend using the ROI manager to save a rectangle that has a 1 cm width. Then reapplying that same rectangle to the different images adjusting the length and where the cropping will occur.