How to create snake for sequence images in FIJI?

Hello everyone,
I am beginner in FIJI. I am trying to create a snake in sequence images. In different images I have a little movement from previous frame to next one. I have tried JFilament to create this snake but the snake doesn’t match with next frame and I can’t adjust the snake (Deform snake doesn’t work).

My main problem is, I have a video that I want to create a snake to find the pattern of the movement and I have tried many ways to solve this problem but I couldn’t do it yet.

can anyone help me to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @fnariman,

Welcome to the forum.

I think we’ll be able to help you better if you post:

  1. The image you are working on (or a similar one)
  2. The result your getting
  3. The steps you took to get the result


Hi @bogovicj
I want to find the pattern of the hand movement.
1- I have a video from hand movement then I created sequence images from it.
2,3- I want to create a snake from movement of two fingers but I have tried to create it with AB-snake and 2D JFilament but I couldn’t. In AB-snake I can’t create the snake from two fingers that I want because the shadow of other fingers do not let me to use active contour. Also In 2D JFilament when I create a snake I couldn’t apply the first snake from the first image to other ones. I have to deform the snake for other images but I am not able to move and resize the shape of the snake. I want to create the snake for whole frames automatically.