How to create and save new label sets in segmentation editor?

I am new to the segmentation editor.
I found their were two label sets in the segmentation editor, new and compact…

I can add new label in the new label set, rename, and modify the color, but I do not know how to save it and rename the label set name. So when I open a new image, I have to create it again.

Please give me a clue to find the right way to manage this. Thanks in advance!

Hi @hope2002399,

In the left panel of Segmentation editor window, below the labels (where you add new labels) there is zoom & selection option. Once you created your new label click on the “+” symbol in the “selection” option. Then the labels will be added with corresponding color (that you had chosen) in the separate window outside the editor window which would have open as “Image name.labels”. You can save this labels window as a binary image (.tiff) too. In case you are using Z-stack (for 3D segmentation) first interpolate to using “I” button in “tools” option followed by check the 3D box & press the “+” symbol & then follow similar steps with the labels window.

Hope this helps.


Thank you very much for the useful tips. The problem solved.