How to count number of vascular trees in ROI?

I’m a newbie on ImageJ. Please, help how to count number of vascular trees in ROI. Thanks.

Hi @nodir_kabulov

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So to start… What do you consider a ‘vascular tree’? I am not sure myself - this is not my field - so can you indicate exactly what you want to count?

That would help us help you.

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Inside green line (ROI) we’ll see white (hyperehoic) lines. There are branches of vascular tree. I want to count number, how many these white branches.
I have many images like this.
I’ll be appricate if you help me.

Well - if it’s the branching you want to count… you can look at using the Analyze Skeleton Fiji plugin - that might do what you need here.


Thanks for helping. I’ll try


If you have more questions… be sure to post here. Sorry I don’t have time to go through with your dataset myself… but I do hope this helps!

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