How to concatenate multiple tile scans from a .lif file into a single image?

Hi! Basically I want to do what is shown in the drawing.

I acquired multiple individual tilescans all from a single slide, and they are all wrapped up in a single .lif file.

My plan was to import the.lif file with BioFormats, and use the ‘concatenate series when compatible’ option to put all 3-channel images in a single stack as if they were a time series.

Followed by Image > Stacks > Make montage in order to put them all together in a single image.

But the concatenate series when compatible option only combines different tilescans (along the t axis) when their dimensions are the same, which is not the case here. Each tilescan has a different aspect ratio and size.

Further, make montage only keeps one channel, so I’d have to do this individually for many channels.
As you can imagine, I have dozens of these slides (.lif files) and each of them have ~20 tilescans.

Surely there must be an easier way to do this?

Thank you!

If you open the 3 series that you want and then join them with Image > Stacks > Tools > Combine, you will have to run the command twice as it combines 2 images at a time. Does that work to give you what you are looking for?