How to choose a suitable workstation for image processing?

Our lab is going to purchase a computer/workstation for image processing. We usually have hundreds of pictures to be handeled. The image precessing mainly based on CellProfiler or ImageJ. The processes include IdentifyObjects and MeasureObjectSizeShape. Our old computer often come across Merrory Error when running MeasureObjectSizeShape. So is there any recomendation for hardware configuration? Thx. Dake ^-^

Just go for lots of Ram (128 gb or more) to be safe and make sure to check how to configure the Java virtual machine to make the best use of the Ram. I tried looking for documentation but perhaps we can ping the @cellprofiler team and ask them.

If you do Run out of memory, is it possible that you’re using the module export to spreadsheet rather than export to database?

Cpu wise the more cores the better. We used to go for Xeon processors but i7 and i9s are really good too. They are just limited in terms of the max amount of RAM you can shove in there.

Thank you for answering ~~
It will be really helpful if we can get some information from @ cellprofiler team about the configure of the Java virtual machine.

Now I am using export to spreadsheet. I will try export to database later.

I am new to cellprofiler and not familiar with coding. So these things may be a bit confusing for me.:weary::weary::weary:

Hi @DakeNi,

Here are some useful links that I am sharing with you which might be of help,

Some discussions over here as well.

Check the CP publication. Some info I have noticed there as well.

May Beth might also share her views if possible @bcimini.

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