How to calculate ventricle volume by ventriculography

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I’m working with sheep. We are creating a left ventricle infarction model for testing new treatments.
When you have an infarction, a wall of the ventricle stops moving and the ejection fraction is lowering. Ejection fraction is the percentage of blood ejected from the ventricle during systole in relation to the total end-diastolic volume

To calculate systolic/diastolic volume and ejection fraction we can use different tools like echography, MRI; or angiography/ventriculography. We put a catheter into ventricle and we inject iode. After manual delineation of the ventricle endocardial contour, the ventricular volume is calculated as the sum of a stack of cylinders of equal height. Ejection fraction is then calculated as the ratio of ventricle volume change and ventricle end-diastolic volume.


I don’t have access every time to that sort of software and can’t buy it.
With imageJ, can I calculate volume as the sum of a stock of cylinders ?

For example with hospital software :


Not sure if it will help, but what you are after is the Cavalieri’s principle to compute the volume:

I guess that you will get some degree of error by assuming that you can approach the sections to be circular (i.e. the 2D projection you show, does not tell you the right shape in 3D).